Essay on natural resources and its conservation

Essay On Natural Resources And Its Conservation

Essay on natural resources and its conservation

Conservation of Natural Resources and Traditions of India. The need for conservation of natural resources was felt by our predecessors and in India; there was a tradition of respecting and preserving the nature and natural resources. Natural resources were conserved in the form of sacred groves/forests, sacred pools and lakes, sacred species etc. Natural resources may be further classified in different ways. Natural resources are materials and components (something that can be used) that can be found within the environment. Every man-made product is composed of natural resources (at its fundamental level). Essay on importance of natural resources. Natural Resources Essay for Students in English 8 Oct Natural resources and its importance for human life is the important issue for people on the earth. 4. Essay on the Conservation of Natural Resources: 1. Conservation of Renewable Natural Resources: Man’s progress in the present days in this world is directly dependent on renewable natural resources. If we wish to make steady progress, we should conserve natural resources so that they last longer for human welfare. Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources ( Words) Article shared by. Here is your Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources! Conservation is one of the most significant applications of eco­logy. It avoids unplanned development which breaks ecological as well as human laws. Essay on Natural Resources ; Essay on Natural Resources.

Essay on Natural Resources: Top 4 Essays Geography Article shared by: Essay on the Introduction to Natural Resources: Our nature is bountiful. It has variety of plants, animals, minerals, fuels, water, soil etc. All such substances used by man for sustenance and welfare are called resources. Man is dependent on plants and animals. Plants and animals in turn are dependent on natural substances like air, water, soil, minerals etc.

All such resources existing in nature are called natural resources. The sun is the main source of energy for the earth. Green plants use this energy to prepare food for all other organisms on this earth by the process of photosynthesis. Thus, green plants convert solar energy into chemical energy which is stored in plants.

Animals also get their energy from plants. Therefore, all living organisms directly or indirectly depend upon the sun as the source of their energy. Man Requires more Resources: The man appeared on this earth only about a million years ago. In the beginning, his needs were few because his culture, knowledge and other faculties were not fully developed. Then, he gradually started gaining superiority over other organisms by virtue of his intelligence.

Man has mastered the art of fulfilling some of his basic needs by artificial methods. He soon learnt the art of controlling and modifying the environment for his comforts. With the advancement in science and technology; his standard of living, his needs gradually started increasing. He made tools to fight and hunt wild animals.

Essay on natural resources and its conservation

He learnt techniques of cultivation and started growing food for himself. He also started domesticating useful animals for milk, wool, meat, eggs etc. He cleared forest to make houses, cities, industries, roads, bridges, dams, agricultural fields etc. The greatest achievement in the progress of man was the development of languages and the methods of transport and communications. With these developments, which other organisms could not develop, man started utilizing natural resources much more than other animals for his advantages and welfare.

Essay on the Types of Natural Resources: Natural resources are of two types: B Non-renewable natural resources. A Renewable Natural Resources: Renewable resources are those which are regenerated through natural-cycles.

For example, oxygen in the air is regenerated through photosynthesis by the plants and fresh water is renewed through the water- cycle. Therefore, air and water are renewable resources. Sun, plants, animals, wind and soil are other renewable resources. There are chances that these renewable natural resources may exhaust after some time. This is because of the limited availability of substances in nature. Water is a renewable natural resource and vital for all life.

Short Essay on the Conservation of Natural Resources

There is no substitute for water. Man uses water not only for drinking but also for a number of other activities like bathing, cooking, washing, irrigation, power generation and also as a means of transportation. Our water requirement is fulfilled entirely by nature. We get water through rainfall and from oceans, rivers, canals and wells. Whenever the water-cycle in nature is disrupted, the ecological-balance in nature is disturbed. Water is often wasted during its use. The rivers and canals near the big cities get polluted due to industrial wastes or sewage which is thrown into them.

Indiscriminate felling of plants by man to satisfy his greed has also upset the water-cycle in nature. This has resulted in water shortage.

Conservation of natural resources Essay

Water is renewable only if it is protected against wastage, pollution and if a thick cover of forest plants is maintained. Soil is also a renewable natural resource.

Essay on natural resources and its conservation

Man depends on agriculture for food, clothing, medicine and many other necessities. Land is also being used for industrialization and urbanization. We know that the surface of the earth is limited and so is its soil. Random and excessive cutting down of trees, quarrying for minerals and ores followed by heavy rains leads to washing away of the rich top soil necessary for plants. It may even lead to landslides causing great damage to man.

Essay on Natural Resources: Top 4 Essays | Geography

Growing crop after crop of the same type without replenishing the nutrients that are used-up results in the land becoming useless for cultivation after a few years. If plants do not grow on the land, soil tends to be washed away by rain or wind causing soil erosion.

It is clear that land is good for agricultural purposes when it is fertile and land is fertile when it is covered with or surrounded by trees. For agricultural purposes, man has altered the texture and fertility of large tracts of fertile land and made the land unfit for cultivation and finally converted them into desert areas.

The Thar Desert, for example, is entirely a man-made desert. At one time it was so thick with forest that Emperor Akbar went hunting there. Soil is a renewable resource only if it is protected from erosion and if suitable amount of organic matter is added to it from time to time.

Barren soil cannot renew itself as it remains exposed to natural forces which cause erosion. Forests are one of the most useful renewable resources. They are our national wealth. They provide the best habitat for various kinds of wild animals. Forests are a must for the survival of animals. They purify air, control pollution to some extent, regulate the climate, control floods, prevent soil erosion and maintain soil fertility.

We also get numerous useful products like wood, rubber, gum, resin, honey, bee wax, medicinal plants, bamboo, lac, timber etc. One of the most important uses of forest is that it helps in maintaining the ecological-balance of a place. Deforestation, over-grazing, forest fires, and several pests and diseases have destroyed our forests.

Forests are renewable resource only if man takes care to replant the trees which he cuts down. Deforestation and indiscriminate hunting has led to a depletion of wildlife.

Wildlife includes all plants and animals that are not domesticated, but in strict sense, they are the undomesticated animals specially mammals, reptiles, birds and fishes which are generally hunted. Wildlife is very important.

Killing of one species may cause considerable disturbance in the food-chain and food-web and thus may upset other species. In the long term, these changes may also affect man.

Essay on natural resources and its conservation

Snakes, for example, are feared by most and are therefore killed indiscriminately. All snakes are, however, not poisonous. They play a key role in the balance of nature by acting as predators of rats and mice. Killing a large number of snakes leads to an increase in the population of rats and mice. Rats, in turn, damage crops and eat-up stored grain. Ultimately, this affects man.

Due to over-exploitation of forests, many plants and animals have become extinct. The Cheetah, the Sikkim stag, the Mountain quail, the Pink headed duck etc. Some species of cranes, bustards, partridges, pigeons, doves, hornbills, Kashmir stag, swamp-deer etc. Wildlife is renewable only if indiscriminate hunting and deforestation is prevented.

Hence, it is clear from the above that most of the renewable resources are exhaustible and care needs to be taken about their utilization. B Non-Renewable Natural Resources: Non-renewable resources are those which are not replaced in the environment after their utilization. Metals, coal, natural gas, minerals etc. Man has to be very careful in using these resources so that he may obtain the maximum benefit from them.

This is because these resources are limited in quantity and are not renewable. Essay on the Causes of Depletion of Resources: The main causes of depletion of resources are as follows: The demand for natural resources is increasing as the human population is increasing at a tremendous rate. More and more cities and towns are coming up for providing shelter and other basic necessities for the ever increasing population. This has resulted in the depletion of some resources.

Several new industries are being established in rural as well as urban areas to generate employment and to produce consumer articles for daily use.

This has resulted in over-exploitation of our natural resources.