Transference and countertransference essay contest

Transference And Countertransference Essay Contest

Transference and countertransference essay contest

Sample Essay. Psychiatric therapists and counselors need to be aware of the issues that affect their professional relationship with clients. There are several issues that affect counselor-client relationships and one of these issues is transference and countertransference. Transference and Counter-Transference. The idea of transference was first thought of by Sigmund Freud. He realized that sometimes when performing therapy with an individual that there were some fantasies that the individual would have about him as the therapist. Proponents of psychoanalysis believe that transference is a therapeutic tool that is crucial in understanding an individual’s unconscious or repressed feelings (Feinstein, N.D.). Counter transference occurs when a therapist transfers emotions to a client in therapy and is often a reaction to transference . Counter-transference Karen A. Aubrey MFCC/ A- Internship A June 25, Counter Transference Essay it integrates the treatment of the spirit, body, and mind to restore the individual to a wholesome balance. It requires that those who practice it to stay still, breath and open up their senses to the environment Feuerstein, (). Transference and Counter-transference At an inpatient residential treatment facility, a depressed client unrelentingly begs the attending consultant for a weekend discharge pass. While begging for the pass, the client states, “You remind me so much of my brother.

Transference and Counter-Transference The idea of transference was first thought of by Sigmund Freud. He realized that sometimes when performing therapy with an individual that there were some fantasies that the individual would have about him as the therapist.

Concepts of Transference And Countertransference

With transference a person is taking something that has recently happened and blending the ideas with what they know. With counter-transference the therapist is the one projecting past feelings onto a client Conner Transference brings to light the thoughts and motivations of a person.

Some key things to look for with transference are the ideas of projection and perception. When someone is experiencing transference their perception of current situations is not always what is really happening and what is going on.

This means that the perception is different than what is really going on for many reasons. The idea of counter transference is the theory that therapists base their relationships with clients based on past history and relationships that they have.

This means that those who are practitioners are not above having these same feelings and that as a practitioner this is something to look for within oneself in order to be able to better help the client as well as minimize the feelings that can develop through transference which could ultimately be damaging for and unhealthy for the client. Overall counter transference is one of the things that have not been studied and researched as transference has so there is relatively little information in this area as well.

There are many different types of transference and counter transference that occur with the individual who is in therapy and both of these issues have different levels of how the client and therapist view each other.

These patterns of transference and counter transference include the following: These patterns are all very different based on whether or not they are being looked at from the transference or the counter transference. Again, transference can be used as both good and bad or can just be natural, typically when transference is seen it is just natural and not good or bad.

Babette Rothschild believes that some of the main problems with therapy are in the way that therapy is typically performed with the client lying down and the therapist sitting above them as well as the overall denial of transference and counter transference by schools.

Transference and Counter-Transference Essay

She is saying that this denial has made it essentially harder for the clinician to be able to practice healthy and stable boundaries with the client for these issues. Transference and counter transference do not only exist in the realms of therapy but rather they exist in all situations and in every day life as well. These feelings can accumulate and be a part of a person in each situation that they are involved in. When dealing with professors, students might transfer their feelings about their parents.

Psychoanalysis and Transference

Also the student might transfer his feelings and opinions of his siblings onto his roommates as they are now living together and much of their everyday life is shared. There is no end to where transference ends and true independent feelings begin in society and all people in the world are likely to have transference in one way or another.

For most, just being aware of transference can shape their perceptions of how they see people and start to help them to understand some feelings that they might not have understood in some other ways.

The main dangers with transference are if they are allowed to carry out too far. Although there can be some negative consequences and even extreme danger involved with transference and counter transference it is rare that these projections are acted upon in this way, typically it these things are only thought to be negative or positive based on the overall outcome and if dealt with and treated properly there is no reason that one should believe that any danger is involved.

Transference and countertransference essay contest

Freud first coined the term transference and first noted its appearance in the treatment of one of his clients. He is given the credit for many of the modern day beliefs on this topic and it has been expected that he would have continued to develop these theories and beliefs if given a chance.

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Transference and Counter-transference

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Transference and countertransference essay contest