Public speaking high school topics for persuasive essay

Public Speaking High School Topics For Persuasive Essay

Public speaking high school topics for persuasive essay

The proposed list of the good themes for persuasive essays gives a clear understanding of what to write about to impress a high school/college teacher or the public and get a high grade. Choose the theme of persuasive essays wisely! A student must feel comfortable with his choice and elaborate on it to develop a powerful thesis and defend it. It's not only about having strong writing skills, using good arguments, and being able to persuade others to support a certain point of view - it's also about choosing good persuasive speech topics. What are some good persuasive speech topics? Choosing good topics for a persuasive speech isn't easy. That's the main reason why many students turn to our custom writing service for help, asking us "write my essay" or "help me with good persuasive speech topics". Mar 26,  · To deliver a great persuasive speech, you need to pick a topic. Before you will see the list of persuasive speech topics for high school students, let’s define the main goal of such speeches. The main aim of a persuasive speech is to convince the audience in a certain statement or point of view. Persuasive Speech Topics for Teens Persuasive speech topics for teens need to address the issues young people REALLY care about! This will ensure the finished speech isn't just interesting to write, but is also compelling to listen to. Here, good persuasive speech topics should talk about the underlying issues affecting college students in their specific learning institutions. These ideas should grab the emotion, interest, and attention of all learners and other vital stakeholders.

The main aim of a persuasive speech is to convince the audience in a certain statement or point of view. With a persuasive speech you can attempt to achieve one of two goals: The entire text of a persuasive speech should be a message or a call to action. We have accompanied them with leading questions that will help you find the right arguments to persuade your audience. Here you can find persuasive speech topics about school, medicine, society, and just interesting and fun topics that will be interesting to discuss in your class.

Persuasive Speech Topics for High Schoolers: About School Why should schools have field trips? Field trips are necessary to help children learn in a fun way.

What other benefits can you list?

Public speaking high school topics for persuasive essay

What kind of field trip is better? What kind of knowledge and experience can students receive? Why do students need to do well in school and in exams? You can express your point of view about the knowledge you gain in school and where it will be helpful after graduation.

Also, you can advise some tips to increase productivity and ease the learning process. Why should students not attend college after high school? As an example, take several persons that have succeeded without college. What do you think was their recipe for success? Why should students be allowed to use cell phones? Many people say that cell phones are distracting. What are the main reasons why it will be beneficial both for students and teachers?

Why should school hours be changed? Students need to wake up early, but every human has his own biorhythms.

List of Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students

As a result, many students are rushing to school exhausted and hungry. What other reasons can you state? Will it make students more productive and healthy? Why should students use tablets like the iPad in schools? Is the iPad a good analog for textbooks? Will it improve the learning process?

How to prevent students from playing games instead of studying at school? Persuade students in your school to help raise funds for the spectacled bears or other threatened species. Why is this species so special? What can be done to save this animal? Why should colleges provide free textbooks to all students?

Over the past years, the cost of textbook has significantly increased. Many students spend too much money on textbooks every year. Why should girls wear makeup at school?

Public speaking high school topics for persuasive essay

Many school teachers shame girls for wearing makeup. Along with it, girls with imperfect skin use moderate makeup as it gives them a feeling of confidence. What are other arguments for this issue? Why should students listen to music while studying? You can pick several articles from journals preferably scientific and pick the facts about benefits from listening to music during studying. Also, mention negative sides, but emphasize on benefits. Medicine Why should you donate plasma? Plasma is used in many life-saving plasma-based therapies.

List at least six reasons why donating plasma is good e. Why do you need to wash hands? What diseases are caused by dirty hands? In what cases is it advisable to wash hands? Why does red wine prevent stomach ulcers?

One research has shown that red wine helps combat fatal food poisoning bugs. Does white wine have the same effect? How much wine do you need to drink? Why do you need to stand up against cancer? Persuade the audience to get involved in the American Cancer Society.

You can tell how such a society helps people that suffer from cancer and emphasize on saving lives. Why do you need to eat healthy food? There are many reasons why you need to eat healthily: What are the principles of healthy eating? Tell about some tips and hints. Why should government healthcare be free to everyone? You can take as an example a country where the healthcare system is free. Why do you need to eat potatoes? Emphasize that potatoes can help reduce weight, lower blood pressure, etc.

Make some research and add more points. What makes plastic surgery a great invention? You can start with telling the history of plastic surgery and emphasize its benefits for soldiers. Unfortunately, in the modern world, people frequently judge by appearance, which is why many people need to boost self-esteem and plastic surgery can help. Why should you donate your organs?

Why do you need to join the American Red Cross?

Public speaking high school topics for persuasive essay

The Red Cross has a variety of internships for high-school students. You can list the benefits of joining the red cross and emphasize how this activity can help your audience in the future e.

Society Why should juveniles be sentenced as adults? Many juveniles commit crime because they rely on age bias. You can take the position that juveniles are not kids and frequently understand more than it seems. Why should the internet not have full freedom of speech? Can racist, homophobic, and other offensive views be treated as freedom of speech?

Should the internet be safe for children? Why should cyberbullying be prosecuted? Nearly half of all children are bullied online and it has an influence on their self-esteem and psychological well-being. This also refers to adults. How can cyberbullying be stopped?

200 Persuasive Speech Topics

Why are IQ tests not the best measurement of human intelligence? You can find several articles from trusted sources and find out what tests are more accurate than an IQ test. Why should same-sex marriage be legalized? You can point out the examples from states where gay marriage is legal.

Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children? What other arguments can you state for gay marriage? State your opinion on different types of discrimination and make an accent on discrimination by age. Why should we continue to utilize incarceration as our go-to form of punishment? Is it an effective way of punishment? What positive and negative effects does it have?

Mexican emigrants have come to the US for a certain reason — for a better life. Many immigrants are law-abiding and hard-working members of society. Will it be fair to deport them? You can take a position that we live in a free country and every person should feel free to propose marriage.

434 Good Persuasive Speech Topics

You can talk about traditions and how the time has changed. Why do we need birth control? Earth has become overpopulated and many countries try to control birth rates. What methods are the most effective?