Nystce students with disabilities sample essays

Nystce Students With Disabilities Sample Essays

Nystce students with disabilities sample essays

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For purposes of progress monitoring as part of the RTI process, which type of assessment would be the least useful? Which of the following is not a testing accommodation? Collaborating with peers is not a testing accommodation. Hays is using an assessment tool to evaluate Sherman. One of the tasks measures how quickly Sherman can perform a skill or recall academic tasks. PMS picture memory system C Fluency is the rate at which a student can perform a skill or recall information.

Wise is an inclusion teacher planning for the upcoming school year. To begin, he thinks about the four major areas that make up instructional environments and ponders how he will accommodate all of his students. What are the four areas Mr. Wise has in mind? Parts of the other choices would fall into one of the categories present in choice B.

Maria is a student who tends to be off task only when the teacher moves on to a new topic or activity. Little, her teacher, could provide Maria with a behavior chart or checklist to help Maria with A. Jennifer C Maria is having difficulty when moving from one activity to another. This indicates the need to manage transitions. In determining eligibility for special education services, tests of adaptive behavior are important for assessing A. Tsu is planning a reading unit for his 7th grade science class.

Before he begins his planning, he uses this information to make a n A. Tsu uses data to inform his planning of instruction. Using data to make these decisions is referred to as a data-based decision. At the beginning of a lesson, Ms. Canty uses a discussion to introduce the new material. During the discussion, Ms. Canty guides students to connect their life experiences to the new topic. She probes to see what they may know about the topic and how their associations can serve as a base for the new information they will learn.

This is an example of A. Canty is activating prior knowledge so that the students can make connections about what they know to the new topic. Although they will make some associations, choice D is too general and not as precise as choice C.

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Jonathan has been diagnosed with autism. He often does not understand social expectations. To teach Jonathan how to respond in social situations, Mrs. A strategy used to teach individuals with low-incidence disabilities to communicate with another person through the structured use of pictures is known as A. PECS picture exchange communication system B. PMS picture memory system C.

Nystce students with disabilities sample essays

PMDS picture memory decoding system D. Mary has been diagnosed with autism and needs a clear, consistent schedule explained to her ahead of time. Mary needs which of the following aids displayed in the classroom? Matthew has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder.

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Peter has been diagnosed with sickle-cell disease. Tanisha has severe asthma. Jennifer has a cochlear implant. Which student is most likely not classified under OHI? Jennifer has a cochlear implant, which indicates she has a hearing impairment which is an IDEA classification category.

Tau is teaching her students how to give positive feedback during student presentations. Part of her lesson includes listening behaviors. Tau then teaches the students how to take turns when speaking and giving compliments. Tau is teaching the students how to demonstrate social skills that are valued in society. Social skills training is an evidenced-based practice that focuses on appropriate behaviors.

Nystce students with disabilities sample essays

Choices A and D are also evidenced-based practices, but are not social skills training as exampled by Mrs. Emanuel has a month IEP and in the summer months the focus is on an expansion of the core curriculum. Of the following, which would be a part of an expanded core curriculum? Choice D , orientation and mobility, is a part of the expanded curriculum which addresses functional living skills.

Questions 53 to 55 refer to the following: Tower is conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment with Tyrone. Tower notes that Tyrone has lunch during 4th period. Tyrone is bored in science class B. Tyrone does not sleep at home C. Tyrone does not like science D.

Tyrone plays basketball at lunch D An antecedent defined is something that usually occurs just before the behavior. In this question, D is the best choice. Tower decided to tap Tyrone on the shoulder when his head is down, instead of ignoring his behavior, Mr. Tower is changing the A. Tower would be changing the reinforcement of the behavior. Tower that this statement should be the problem behavior on the FBA.

Nystce cst students with disabilities essays

Do you agree with Mrs. Ludly because Tyrone is most likely sleeping when his head is down B. Tower because he has described an observable, measurable behavior C. Ludly because she has pinpointed the behavior problem D.

Tower because he has observed Tyrone more frequently B On the FBA, the behavior must be described in observable, measurable terms. To begin his class, Mr. Deeds has his students read a list of questions that help to activate prior knowledge and encourage students to make predictions about what they will learn. Deeds is using a n A. Lydia has a chart on her desk and a short list of behaviors she is working on. Every fifteen minutes she looks at the behaviors and records her progress.

By charting her behaviors every fifteen minutes, Lydia can evaluate her performance to her actual goals.

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Gabby has an intellectual disability as well as an orthopedic impairment. In which category of disability should she be classified? Justin has a twelve-month IEP. Justin is unable to maintain developmental levels when he is away from school for long periods of time. The school developed and issued the twelve-month IEP to prohibit A. These students also require a higher intensity of individualized attention with high levels of management needs.

According to New York State Department of Education regulations, which of the following best represents the membership of the special education committee? Choice A is the best representation of that membership.

Nystce students with disabilities sample essays

Once a school district is in receipt of a request for an initial referral, the school district has A. During a discrete trial, Emily is learning to make a request.

Emily needs some help so Mr. Nigel, her teacher, models the behavior. Nigel is modeling the behavior through prompting. Although he is showing her the behavior as he prompts, some aspects of the behavior will not be modeled so that Emily will need less prompting to engage in the behavior. Choice A is precise and accurate and a part of our academic vocabulary as Special Education Teachers.

Willow is not successful at manipulating the blending and segmentation of phonemes used in speech. Which is the best next step that her teacher could implement to address this specific need?

A Although all of the choices could be implemented, the best next step would be to work with Willow on developing her phonemic awareness. Courtney is an active and engaged reader, but often does not fully understand a passage.

Your next unit in science requires a mini-lecture, but you want your students to be engaged during the lecture. There are 30 children in your class and you want to assess that they are following along during the mini-lecture.

Which strategy could you use for this purpose? By providing guided notes you can observe the students writing in the correct or incorrect responses as you circle the class. Choice A happens after the lecture but you want to assess during the lecture.