Self esteem psychology essay example

Self Esteem Psychology Essay Example

Self esteem psychology essay example

Self Esteem and Social Anxiety The study searched measures of self- esteem and social anxiety using self-report. Social Anxiety Disorder is someone who has the fear of being social with anyone or anything, said (Rasmussen and Pidgeon, ). Low self-esteem is a cause of Social Anxiety Disorder. Our Self-esteem can be determined by the approval and support particularly from parents and peers. The attachment as well as the unconditional parental support is much crucial during self-development stage. Because, this is a reciprocal process, being people with positive self-esteem can assist internalize better the positive of significant others. Browse essays about Self Esteem and find inspiration. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. The results showed that, low self-esteem contributed to depression and depression was found to erode an individual’s self-esteem. The study further identified that low self-esteem was also a determinant for anxiety (Sowislo and Orth ). Self-esteem is considered the trait we call motivation, there are two types of self-esteem the need for respect from others and the respect held within ourselves. Respect from others gives us feelings of being recognized, accepted and appreciated.

It is constantly in the focus of public attention with its professional psychotherapy sessions, personality training, and coaching programs. The most popular topic that lots of people discuss is how to accept oneself and increase self-esteem.

People give each other advice on how to increase self-esteem on every possible occasion yet no one seems to understand exactly what the self-esteem is and what factors in our lives make it low. Low self-esteem is a complex combination of mental and behavioral patterns that cannot be improved in a day and requires a lot of efforts and patience.

According to psychology, low self-esteem or, in other words, the inhibited feeling of self-worth is caused by communication problems with adults in the childhood. The problem arises if a child is constantly criticized, shamed or blamed and never appreciated regardless how hard she or he tries. Besides, parents can harm their children passively.

It can also bring psychological harm to a child who can feel abandoned, unimportant, unnoticed.

Self-Esteem Essay Examples

Some people may develop a feeling that they have to apologize for the fact that they exist. Such a feeling can also develop when parents raise their child in a conflict with each other.

Self esteem psychology essay example

The child may develop a strong sense of guilt being scared and overwhelmed. This sense of guilt can be carried on and remain when a child becomes adult. Being in groups, children can be very cruel not because they are bad but because they are just learning to behave properly.

Psychology - Self Esteem - Essay Example

They cannot distinguish what is good and what is bad because they are just learning compassion and empathy. They can cause psychological and physical harm to each other.

Very often they bully and humiliate someone who somehow differs from them: Feeling negative attitude of peers has a bad impact on self-esteem.

When children face hostile environments for a long time, they may start thinking that they are somehow inferior or bad.

Building Self-Esteem

One more way to develop a low self-esteem is sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Abuse in childhood can even cause post-traumatic test disorder. Peers, environments, and parents can cause children to develop low self-esteem in a number of ways which will stay with a person into an adult life.

Self esteem psychology essay example

A child may need help of a professional psychotherapist to overcome the consequences. Sussex Publishers, 24 Dec. If you want to have a well written sample essay on your topic and get a professional help with essay writing UK, you can hire an experienced writer on website of our writing agency that provides quality UK essay writing help to students.